Patient Engagement for Women’s Health Physicians

Engaged Patients * Effective Marketing * Powerful SEO

With increasing access to health information, patients are inundated with advice for all kinds of medical issues.   Keeping up with a blog or newsletter is difficult for a busy physician. Private Practice Services, LLC was created by an OB/GYN in busy clinical practice to help others share up to date medical information in a patient friendly way.  We specialize in relevant, women’s health education to help your practice engage your patients.

Benefits of our content:

  • Up to date women’s health topics discussed within the framework of evidence-based medicine and ACOG guidelines
  • All content written by a board-certified OB/GYN in busy clinical practice
  • Patient’s trust your opinion and want to hear from your practice about these issues
  • Alert patients to new treatments in women’s health or about symptoms they did not know needed evaluation
  • Allows your patients to send information from your practice to other women in their lives who may benefit
  • Increases your internet and outreach presence on the web
  • Increases your rankings in search results
  • Allows a format for tactful marketing of your practice

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