Patient Engagement for Women’s Health Physicians

Engaged Patients * Tactful Marketing * Effective SEO

Patient education content is very important to independent practices today.  There are so many women’s health issues in the news and so many health needs women have in every stage of life.   Having a current, active blog and/or a regular newsletter for your patients lets them know you that you are up to date on the latest guidelines and treatments and that you want them to be too.  

This type of content also allows patients to share information from you with other women in their life who may benefit.  Having valid, evidence-based information from a physician patients trust is so important in the digital age.

Our content is balanced between obstetrics & gynecologic topics.  Everything is written from an evidence-based, ACOG guidelines viewpoint but in a manner that’s easy to understand for patients.

These are things OB/GYNs do every day in their offices, but just don’t have the time to put in writing for a blog or newsletter.

When you subcribe to any content package, you’ll get 2 articles sent to you for free.   We are confident you’ll find them well written, interesting to patients, and helpful to your practice.  You can always cancel subscription anytime.

What’s great about content from us:

  • Content development produced by a board certified OBGYN in a busy private practice
  • Having started as a solo OBGYN, she has built a busy group of 4 OBGYNs
  • She focuses on centering patient education as part of her daily care
  • Her writing is reflective of ways to communicate medical/health issues to the general patient population

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