About Us

Sarah Azad, MD, a board-certified OBGYN with a busy medical group, started a blog when she first opened in 2009.  She’d write 2-3 articles then ignore it for a year (or more). In 2016, she started a quarterly newsletter that she’s kept up with, but it takes time.   Every quarter when it’s due to go out, she would look for companies that would create the content for her. No such service was available. So she decided to provide the content herself to other OBGYNs interested in keeping their patients engaged with the wide range of women’s health issues.  On average it takes 2 hours to put together a brief, accurate, patient targeted, evidence-based article. She’s vested in making this service affordable to benefit the OBGYNs in independent practice and their patients.

What’s great about content from us:

  • Dr. Azad is a board certified OBGYN in a busy private practice
  • Having started her solo practice in 2009, she has built a busy group of 4 OBGYNs
  • Her wait list is nearly 6 mo long
  • She focuses on centering patient education as part of her daily care
  • Her writing is reflective of ways to communicate medical/health issues to the general patient population

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