Important question for the busy women’s health physician who is trying to grow your practice but struggling to find the time:


If there was a reliable, proven, always recommended way to improve your Google search rankings and always show up on the first page of results without spending tons of money, would you sign up?


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If your online presence is lacking, every day patients are searching for a new doctor, they are being directed to your competitors and the large hospital groups in your area.


The question is: are patients seeing your practice in their online searches and research?

Women’s Health Content Subscriptions

from Private Practice Services


Original, regularly updated content rich in key women’s health phrases, is the best way to improve your organic search rankings and help patients find you.


  • Women’s Health physicians in independent practice struggle to improve their online presence in a climate of hospital system conglomeration

  • Busy physicians struggle to find time and resources to devote to effective, tactful online marketing

  • Patient targeted information is rich in field-related key phrases that help with search engine optimization

  • Active blogs and newsletters allow for regular updates of new content

  • We can do that for you…


Having founded a small women’s medical group in an area where large hospital health systems were our primary competitors, I knew early on I could not match their marketing budgets:


    • By focusing on my website content, I’ve managed to always rank on the first page of search engine results for women’s health physicians in our area

    • I’ve never needed to pay for online marketing or expensive SEO services

    • A regularly updated blog on the latest women’s health issues in the news has been key to always ending up on the first page of searches for a women’s health physician

Here’s How It Works:


  • Subscribe to one of our content packages

  • Immediately get two articles for free

  • Post them to your website as blog articles or a mini-newsletter (examples here and here)

  • Post links to your social media accounts to reach more patients and potential patients

  • At the beginning of every month (or quarter for newsletters), expect more content to keep your website regularly updated with relevant, excellent patient content

  • All content is written by a board certified OBGYN in busy clinical practice

  • You are welcome to edit any content to your own personal practice or language style

  • Every article comes with a fully licensed image

Maximize Outreach


  • We’ll show you how to leverage your content to keep your current patients engaged and reach potential patients.

  • Using social media to highlight your content allows for additional effective marketing as patients share links with friends and family.

What are you waiting for?


Subscribe now for the cost of an average patient visit per month

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